Sugar-Free Zone With Kathy and Michael Dalton

Kathy Dalton started CrossFit at age 54. She sits down to chat with Michael Dalton, her son and also her coach at Motivus CrossFit in Spartanburg, South Carolina, about her decision to live a longer, healthier life. Kathy was training two to three nights per week but wasn’t seeing the physical results she wanted. “I was addicted to a particular soft drink,” she recalls before adding, “And southerners like their sweet tea.” After her kids told her they wanted her to live to be 140, Kathy decided to give up sugary beverages. Now that she’s buying smaller clothes sizes and getting positive feedback from her doctor, Kathy finds herself on the path from wellness to fitness and isn’t looking back. The CrossFit Journal — ( The CrossFit Games® – Th



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