Strength and Mobility Workout from M-20XX

Small demonstration of some strength and mobility elements of the Movement 20XX course. In addition to the movement side of Movement 20XX, the course also has the traditional strength & mobility workouts in it. There are plenty of progressions for each pressing, pulling and squatting strength. It’s a top notch program for strength, mobility and structural balance: 0:03 Warm up with the fat burner movement flow 0:34 Judo push ups 1:12 Table (assisting mobility drill) 1:38 Hollowbody tuck pull ups 2:08 Sideways swing 2:31 Horse squats 2:50 Active knee flexion In depth article: Online Course to learn movement, build mobility and get fit 🔶 https:// Complete Abs & Diet Guide ⭕️



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