Sadik Hadzovic on Training and Napping Like a Champ | The Podcast | Ep 26

One of the world’s great bodybuilders stop by to talk competition, the perfect muscle-building sleep schedule, and protein doughnuts. Shop GAT Supplements â-º Get Sadik Hadzovic’s Classic Olympia Back Workout â-º Coupons & Promo Codes â-º | Highlights | – Little-known fact: When you shave Chewbacca, Sadik is what is underneath. – The movies that will actually make Sadik cry – How “giving 110% can mean… taking a nap – “Lift heavy, eat protein, sleep, recover. That’s it!” – How he gained 25 pounds of muscle (Hint: it involved training less!) – How on-camera Sadik is different than what happens afterward – His original goal: get to 155 pounds. – The first time he attended a bodybuilding show… and hated it – His first



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