Road to the Games 17.04: Eramo/Dancer

In 2016, CrossFit Games rookie Kristi Eramo just wanted to do her best and enjoy the experience. As it turns out, her best was good enough for eighth overall—the highest placing of any female rookie that year. “My perception of myself has changed,” she says. “I’m believing in myself a little bit more and not selling myself as short … . (I) did well in the Games, (and my) work is paying off.” Known for his strength, Sam Dancer says his 2016 debut in the Individual competition didn’t go quite as planned because a nagging injury derailed his performance. He finished 32nd but says the outcome was excellent. “Because of the people around me, the focus I had, … it was a perfectly executed weekend for me,” Dancer says of the 2016 Games. As the two athletes prepare for th



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