Reebok CrossFit ONE Movement Demo “Deadlift”

Set-Up – Feet underneath the hips with weight back in the heels – Maintain a neutral spine – Bar is at mid-shin and in contact with the shin – Hands are outside the legs, arms straight (act as straps to the bar) – Overhand grip on the bar with fingers and thumbs around the bar – Hips are higher than the knees but lower than the shoulders – Neutral head (inline with spine at all times) Execution – Drive out of the heels and maintain a neutral spine – Stand up by extending the legs while raising the hips and shoulders at the same rate – The bar needs to move in a straight line, therefore the body accommodates the bar always – Stand up so the shoulders are slightly behind the bar (do not lean back), knees and hips fully extended – Return by sending the hips back, allowing the shoulders to c



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