Raynor Whitcombe’s Shoulders, Arms, & Power Conditioning Workout

This routine is the cure for your boring upper-body-and-cardio workout. Build muscle in your arms and shoulders, explosiveness in your legs, and athlete-grade conditioning everywhere! Sales & Specials â-º Get Raynor Whitcombe’s Full Workout â-º ========================================­===== Power and explosiveness: Two of my favorite words. This workout will take you through supersets, dropsets, and one giant set, then into plyometrics to help you build serious muscle and conditioning. It’s time to lift, crawl, and leap! This workout is going to get you going in two directions. In the first half, you’ll work with presses, curls, push-ups, flyes, and other staple moves for your arms and back. Then we’ll move into functional training using a



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