Rapid-Fire Upper-Body Workout | Amy Updike IFBB Bikini Pro

If you’re short on time but determined to still get in a full upper-body session, NLA for Her-sponsored athlete and IFBB Bikini pro Amy Updike has the perfect workout for you! Premium Fitness Plans â-º IFBB Bikini Pro Amy Updike’s Upper-Body Push Training Workout â-º Shop NLA for Her Supplements â-º NLA for Her-sponsored athlete and IFBB Bikini pro Amy Updike knows what it’s like to be crushed for time. On the other hand, she has an upper-body workout with lots of moving parts. How does she reconcile the two? She put together this rapid-fire workout for chest, shoulders, and triceps. Her workout uses supersets, dropsets, and short rest periods to help you get a power workout done in as little time as possible—with



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