Prison: The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

Malik Abdul-Haqq turned to drugs to fill a void in his life, but he received a wake-up call when he was sentenced to a three-year stint in a California state prison. To get his life back on track, he traded his drug addiction for an addiction to wellness and started doing CrossFit. A longtime bodybuilding enthusiast, Abdul-Haqq created a plan for surviving prison: He would read the books his father gave him and exercise every day. But weightlifting has been banned in California state prisons since 1998, so Abdul-Haqq had to get creative. When he wasn’t running or performing body-weight movements, he would fill old T-shirts with gravel and use them as weights in the yard. Upon his release, Abdul-Haqq decided he no longer wanted to focus exclusively on bodybuilding. Instead of being a sp



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