PLYOMETRICS: POWER & Conditioning – Workout Motivation

Plyometrics for Power, Explosiveness/Speed & all-around Fitness. Calisthenics/Bodyweight Explosive Exercises/Variations/combinations for Chest & Legs/Glutes (primary). Plyo box push ups & Med ball push ups plyo box jumps & variations Hurdle hops & variation with bounce Vertical jump variations Plyo chest and legs combination Intense plyo push up sets Calf jumps Plyometrics is great for improving explosive power/strength, speed, agility, body control/coordination etc. It’s very intense and a fun & effective way to burn fat/lose weight and get in shape. Strength and cardio combined. If trying some plyos in your routines, start from basics and adjust heights and exercises to a level that you can manage. Music: Teknoaxe royalty free music Walking With Style by TeknoAXE is licensed under a



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