Phase 2: Shredded with Strength Gains | FST-7: Big and Ripped Hany Rambod & Jeremy Buendia

You’ve spent four weeks building size and strength. Now, everything changes. Get shredded while still maintaining your strength gains, and achieve your ultimate physique! Here’s everything you need to know! â-º Evogen Supplements â-º Since we’re shifting our emphasis from building to shredding, Phase 2 will be different from Phase 1 in a number of crucial ways. In Phase 1 you ended your workouts with FST-7 sets. In Phase 2, you’ll start most workouts with them. The concentration needed to accomplish these special sets will help you focus on developing the mind-muscle connection. We’ll also be increasing from 3 sets to 4 sets on other exercises, and boosting the reps per set up to 8-12. And we’ll be using machines more, so you can get through



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