Pakistani MONSTER – MASSIVE BEAST (Hassaan Mahmood)

Hassaan Mahmood is the CEO of Metroflex Strength & Rehabilitation Islamabad (A unique facility offering Complete Fitness Solutions, Rehabilitation & Pain Management), Celebrity Fitness Instructor (Hamza Ali Abbasi, Umair Jaswal, Imran Abbas, Ali Rehman, Bilal Ashraf as his clients), Transformation Specialist (Polististic Ovarian Syndrome, Diabetes, Anorexia, Depression, Metabolic Syndrome, IBS, Obesity, Weight Gain, Endurance, Strength, Drug Abuse etc), Specialist Nutrition Guidance & Specialist Competition Preparation. Apart from having 4 body building titles to his name (Jr Mr Capital Zone 2010, Jr Mr Pakistan 2010, Mr Gym 2011, Mr Islamabad 2012) Hassaan Mahmood is a renowned fitness & motivation speaker and has numerous media appearances over the years including University Seminars, T



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