One Heart, One Mind, One Paddle

Lona and Joe Johnson are members of CrossFit i1uvit in Lynden, Washington, but that’s not their only inspiration for staying active. The two are also members of the Rikkole Cree Canoe Club, a traditional war-canoeing organization established in 1993. Lona is a member of the Nooksack Tribe and serves as its health director. In her experience, paddling, like CrossFit, has proven to be a potent source of healing for those struggling with addiction and mental health issues. Part of her job, she says, is “to help our youth with the prevention of drugs, alcohol and suicide using our canoe way of life.” That way of life encourages recognition of the interconnectedness of nature. “With paddling, we’re taught to respect the cedar tree because it gave up its life for us, so when we pad



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