Nicole Carroll’s Tips for Open Workout 17.2

17.2 Here. We. Go. STIMULUS: Grip! The name of this game is smartly managing breaks and transitions. You may need to break things up earlier than you think! LUNGES: Putting the dumbbells down is not ideal because it equals another clean to get them up, but you may need to! If you do, try to make it to the turn around, put them down, take a quick shake out and pick them right back up again! Full grip on the handles does not mean death grip. Use a modified front rack with the elbows up so you can get the handles “resting” in your palm and the rear heads of the dumbbells sitting on your shoulders (vs. holding them out in front of you!). TOES-TO-BARS: These are not big sets, but they will not feel super easy after the first round. If you break them up, take quick breaks



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