My Movement Transformation – Eero Westerberg

Here is my movement transformation. I’m 180 cm (5’11’’) and 83 kg (183 lbs). I gained around 8 kg (17 lbs) of muscle in 2 years (2013-2015). I’m also from Finland and I’m a personal trainer and specialized in movement and everything fitness related. WRITTEN blog post: 0:01 10k subs thank you 0:31 Transformation picture 0:55 Taekwondo, sports 1:15 Capoeira 1:25 Strength, muscle, weight training and calisthenics 1:50 Lots of problems in the lower back, groin etc. 2:25 Studying mobility, structure, flexibility and training 3:05 Acquiring self-knowledge 3:50 Helping and coaching others 4:45 Guiding others 5:10 Total absolute freedom 5:30 All problems can be overcome Online Course to learn movement, build mobility



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