MX500 // 30 Day 500 Calorie Workout Challenge for Fitness & Weight Loss (2018)

Jump start your 2018 workout and fitness goals with this 30 day 500 calories workout challenge. MX500 is the perfect full body fitness and weight loss challenge for women & men who are serious about improving their health & fitness, losing weight, gaining strength, and getting in the best shape of their lives. The MX500 workout plan features 30 days of fat burning HIIT, strength, cardio, plyometrics, yoga, and stretching exercises. Each day in this workout program is designed to push your total body to the limit for 35 minutes [circuit training] – 40 minutes [strength training] of full body at home workouts. Get access to the full 30 day playlist here: and don’t forget to like this video and get our 30 day food journal below. Best of luck, homies 💊😁💥



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