MONSTER of Bodybuilding!! – Tattooed BEAST (Jens Dalsgaard)

Jens Dalsgaard (April 26, 1984) – Danish Bodybuilder has 40 tattoos covering his face and body, weighs 20 stone and has a 56-inch chest. He is… THE BEAST! ‘When I watched cartoons, I always preferred the villains rather than the heroes and I loved the baddies’ big muscly physiques. Jens, who runs his own online coaching company State of Mind: Fitness and Bodybuilding, said: ‘My fascination with big muscles started way back when I was a little kid. Jens Dalsgaard â-º â-º â-º â-º ‘When I started my bodybuilding transformation two years ago, my muscles just grew bigger and bigger and people on the internet started calling me “Jens the Beast



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