LIFE of IRON: Guy Cisternino | Episode 1

Live a day in the life of IFBB champ Guy Cisternino. A doc’s appointment, the bodybuilding mentality and training, a hard-as-hell workout, even a chat with mom–it’s all here. Shop GASP Apparel & Accessories â-º | Follow IFBB PRo Guy Cisternino on Social | Instagram â-º @guycisternino – https:// YouTube â-º Guy Cisternino was first inspired by his father’s athletic ability and physique. Guy ‘senior’ played football through college and boxed on the side. Guy ‘junior’ also liked to play football. With a small stature, he realized he’d need to make up for the lack of height and weight with strength. His father bought him a weight set when he was in the 7th grade and he trained hard to prove himself



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