Lean Strength Back and Biceps Workout | Lee Constantinou

This Lean Strength workout by Bodybuilding.com Team Athlete and fitness coach Lee Constantinou will be big on form, big on weights, and big on growth. Recommended Supplements â-º Top 50 Best Supplements â-º Lee Constantinou’s Lean Strength Back and Biceps Workout â-º Compared to some bodybuilding workouts, you get lots of rest but not because Lee Constantinou is a nice guy (although he is). He wants you to be able to fully recuperate between sets so you can apply maximum intensity at every set. “If you rush your rest, you’re not going to have that same focus and intensity,” Constantinou says. “Work hard, rest, and focus on your technique. You’ll see bigger, wider lats and beefier biceps.” | Rack pull | After warming



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