IFBB Pro Craig Capurso’s Ultimate Shoulder Workout

Hang cleans, epic eccentrics, and Tabata-style reps make Craig Capurso’s Ultimate shoulder workout one you won’t forget. Strap in, and prepare for a hard hour! Sales & Specials â-º Shop Cellucor Supplements â-º ========================================­===== Get IFBB Pro Craig Capurso’s Shoulder Workout â-º Think you’re up for training shoulders with Craig Capurso? Don’t expect it to be the same old press-then-isolated-delt-raises routine. This Cellucor-sponsored IFBB physique pro and longtime Bodybuilding.com spokesmodel has turned his training on its head in recent years, taking a big step away from the classic bodybuilding approach. And guess what? He doesn’t regret it for a moment. Ready for an unconventional tak



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