How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything ft. LSU Strength & Conditioning – Ep.80

On this episode of the Brute Strength Podcast I’m going back to my roots and interviewing two of my former colleagues from the LSU Strength & Conditioning Staff, Coach Tommy Moffitt and Coach Eric Donoval. In this episode we’ll be diving into a lot of what makes LSU Strength & Conditioning so successful as well things like segmented training, “slow cooking” athletes, the new LSU program structure, and how they’ve been able to develop explosive strength in their athletes through triphasic training. Whether you’re new to strength & conditioning or an athlete looking for proven methodologies, this one’s for you. If you like this episode, be sure to check out episode 3 with Coach Tommy Moffitt. Enjoy the show. Brute Hotline: (801) 449-0503 Want a chance to get featured in a futu



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