How to stay lean and add muscle ft. Adee Cazayoux – Ep.77

On this episode of the Brute Strength Podcast I interview Adee Cazayoux (@adeecazayoux), Founder/CEO of Working Against Gravity. Gaining weight is not as easy as you think. If you’ve been trying to put on size while remaining lean then this episode is for you. This week, our focus is on training to get big and eating to get big. We will be getting into things like protein intake for different athletes, supplements in relation to weight gain, and finally, the training & nutritional aspects of gaining weight and increasing muscle. Enjoy the show. Brute Hotline: (801) 449-0503Want a chance to get featured in a future episode? Call in and leave us a voicemail with some questions regarding training, nutrition, mindset, etc. Topics of discussion: [9:00] Training for size [14:26] Eating for



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