How to START Movement Training

Tips and advice on how to start training movement and mix everything together (strength training, mobility, movement and so on). Written blog post (what is movement training?) ➞ #TIMESTAMPS 0:05 Introduction 0:30 My background in movement, martial arts, dance etc. 0:45 Jackie Chan 1:00 Taekwondo and animal movements 1:35 Capoeira 2:05 Thaiboxing 2:35 Calisthenics 3:00 Why you need to do more than just movement training 3:25 Where to start movement training 3:50 You also need structured strength & mobility 4:30 Movement 20XX has everything and more 5:50 Create your own style 6:30 What to focus on 7:25 Do the basics well (important!!) 7:55 Conclusion #REFERRED VIDEOS Jackie Chan movement: Movement flow:



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