How to Develop Kicking Power and Mobility (Ft. Roundhouse Kick)

Here are great mobility drills to improve your kicking power and mobility. Featuring the roundhouse kick, but these drills work for other kicks and movements as well! Comprehensive blog post with more details ➞ Kicking mobility drills: 1:50 Hip flexion 2:45 Hip abduction 3:30 Hip extension 5:20 Hip external rotation 6:00 Hip extension – external rotation 6:45 Hip internal rotation 8:00 Hip internal rotation raise 8:55 Prone abduction 10:05 Roundhouse raise Online Course to learn movement, build mobility and get fit 🔶 https:// Complete Abs & Diet Guide ⭕️ The shoes I use (the best training shoes I’ve used) âœ- Free training routine & muscle up guide ➤



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