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â-ºJason Altidorâ–„ – December 2011, I stopped exercising for 4 months. My eczema was at its worst and I wasn’t watching what I was eating. I feel low in energy, tired and frustrated. The knee accident (torn lateral menisus) really put me through a loop. I was determined to change my lifestyle for the better. I started doing the basics with pushups, dips and pullups. Couldn’t do squats or jumps yet. When I started going back to the gym I was using the single leg curl machine at 10lbs. Did STEP UPS which eventually lead to BOX JUMPS then lead to PISTOLS. Focussed a lot on my CORE. A few leg raises at a time. Isolation holds. Knee tuck holds. My body was transforming, not just from the outside but from within. I cut down my sugar and dairy intake. I eat less bread and added more vegetables



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