Home CrossFit Style Workout for Chest – Back – Arms – Abs

– Home CrossFit Style Workout for Chest – Back – Arms – Abs. It’s been a while since I did an at-home workout video! Most weeks I workout 5 days at my CrossFit Gym since it’s close to home and my membership lets me go as much as I like, so I may as well get my moneys worth and get some extra motivation in a supportive group situation. This week my schedule just didn’t work with the CrossFit times so today I decided to do my workout at home and take this opportunity to record it for you all. I only really had a half an hour or so, so to maximize my workout I did my usual high intensity CrossFit Style no rest multi exercise workout and in this program I worked my Chest, Back, Arms and Abs. This high intensity workout consisted of 10 complete rounds, each round



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