High School Janitor Becomes Fitness Model | IFBB Bikini Pro Katrina Freds

IFBB Bikini Pro Katrina Freds went from small town janitor to becoming a fitness model and winning the 2016 Bodybuilding.com Spokesmodel Contest. Sales & Specials â-º Supplements for Women â-º Katrina Freds never thought she’d find herself on stage. “I was always outside, playing in the woods or pond and getting yelled at for being muddy,” she says, laughing. Katrina was a sprinter in high school, but tore one hamstring her sophomore year and the other one during her senior year. Sixteen weeks later, she found herself on stage at her first show where she won bikini overall. From there, things just progressed. Eventually, her tenacious spirit not only earner her a spot on stage at the Arnold, but got her a second-place win. Competitio



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