Heavy Duty Abs Workout | Hunter Delfa

Do these six ab exercises hard & fast, and the next day you’ll need a rope to pull yourself out of bed. Premium Fitness Plans â-º Shop NutraBio Supplements â-º Get Hunter Delfa’s Sick Ab Workout â-º NutraBio-sponsored athlete Hunter Delfa seems like a cool, quiet, still-waters-run-deep kind of guy—that is, until he hits the gym, at which point all bets are off. He may not be one of those groaning, grunting lifters, but this teen sensation will take you through a world of pain nonetheless. His six-exercise ab workout will have you crying “mama” when you try to get out of bed tomorrow morning—but that’s what it takes to grow some mighty abs. | Hunter Delfa’s Sick Ab Workout | 1. Hanging Leg Raise – 3 sets, 15 rep



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