GQ Fit: How To Perform A Perfect Incline Fly | Workout | Fitness | Exercise

GQ Fit teaches you how to perform tried and tested workouts. From the most basic through to some of the most complicated fitness movements you can imagine, we help you strip the fat, pack on lean muscle mass and create a fitter you. In this video we demonstrate how to perform a perfect incline fly. — CREDITS Videography & Editing: SixtyFour Films GQ Australia Executive Producer: Jack Phillips Host: Roger Scibberas FEATURED APPAREL Trainers: APL Shorts: Lulu Lemon T-Shirt: Lulu Lemon Fitness Tracker: Fitbit — SUBSCRIBE HERE: Visit GQ online: Follow GQ on Facebook: https:// Follow GQ on Twitter: Follow GQ on Instagram: Follow GQ on Pinteres



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