Full Body Workout – Best Bodyweight Exercises (ZEF)

Zef Zakaveli (Founder of the international Bar-Barians). Calisthenics legend. – Zef, could you please tell us the story about your life before street workout became a part of your life? – “Before street workout my life was really fast and reckless, I’ve done a lot of things that I’m not proud of. I live my life carelessly, I was motivated by the wrong things. After my father died from colon cancer it change the way I viewed life. Reality hit me like a Mack truck, it made me a colder person but at the same time it made me respect life more. I started to change the people I hanged around with , change the way treated my body. I always worked out but I never took it serious as I do now. There’s too much for me to explain for a interview,maybe I’ll write a book one day, lol” â-¶ Music



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