FST-7: Big and Ripped | Hany Rambod & 3x Physique Olympia Jeremy Buendia

Hany Rambod has coached every Mr. Olympia since 2009, and plenty of other champs along the way – including reigning three-time Physique Olympia winner Jeremy Buendia. FST-7 is an 8-week designed in two phases: 4 weeks to grow, and 4 weeks to shred. Get Early Access to the FST-7 Training Program â-º Evogen Supplements â-º The question isn’t whether Rambod’s FST-7 system is good enough for you. It’s whether you’re good enough for his program. FST-7 is an 8-week designed in two phases: 4 weeks to grow, and 4 weeks to shred. It works best for advanced bodybuilders, but can be scaled back for everyday lifters as well. You’ll need a high pain tolerance, a rock-solid nutritional plan, and ideally, a solid training partner. But your reward will dis



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