Feeling Like a Military Fake | The Spark Transformation Story

Complacency, loneliness, and low self-esteem left Vanetza sad and overweight. Fitness helped her find her worth and inspire others. Best Supplements for Womenâ-º Read Vanetza Cine’s Transformation Story â-º When she was in middle school, Vanetza heard something no child should. “I’ll never forget,” now 28-year-old Vanetza tearfully recalls. “Someone said they would kill themselves if they looked like me—if they had a sister as beautiful as mine and were are fat and ugly as me.” As far back as Vanetza can remember, she was always the heavy one. She felt fat and unattractive, and constant comparisons to friends and family led to self-blame. Pair that with moving from Haiti to the U.S. in high school and having to catch up on reading compreh



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