CRAZY WORKOUT & EXTREME CALISTHENICS – SOXSOUL (Radion) – Soxsoul is a professional freerunner , calisthenics expert and stuntman. Ever since he was a child he was working out, running, parkour and he still doing it for the past 10 years. He is surrounded by people like him, fast, ambitious, positive , strong, creative and has an ability to connect and bring people together. He invented the new style into the “Calisthenics freestyle” , and it instantly went viral all over the world. Soxsoul organizes free working out seminars for the youth, sharing his experience with others. He had worked with companies like REEBOK, SPRAYGROUND, AUDI, JOHNNIE WALKER and NIKE and etc. Soxsoul participated in SOCHI OLYMPICS in Russia, and had won the “The fastest man of Russia”, also he is the multiple aw



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