Extreme Workout & Strength Training Motivation

Training and fitness motivation, intense calisthenics workouts & extreme outdoor training. Full body training! Do the best you can and never give up! This is a motivational video with various workouts at various locations. Different types of strength training. Explosive and powerful workouts, plyometrics, conditioning, body control and so on. For individual workouts, exercises & routines see my channel! Some of the training is in Miami, see also the full video from there: Strength & freedom: Bodyweight Training Motivation: https:// Thank you for the support and subscribing. Visit my homepage for more updates. Kris Karlsson Calisthenics & Weight Training



4 Week Challenge Workout — Total Body Workout with Dumbbells
2 years fa
178 visualizzazioni
35 Minute Full Body Stretching Workout –  Deep Strech Yoga for Athletes // MX500 #07
10 months fa
171 visualizzazioni
Video Report 2016 (Street Workout Armenia)
2 years fa
165 visualizzazioni
25 Minute Full Body Beginner Strength Training Routine // Light Weights Workout for Beginners
1 year fa
137 visualizzazioni
Jill Cooper – Superjump Intensity allenamento tonificante per gambe
2 years fa
158 visualizzazioni
Dennis Wolf ● Big Ramy ● Shawn Rhoden – Who Will Be The New Winner Of 2016 Mr. Olympia?
2 years fa
310 visualizzazioni
Update Show: How to Watch the 2017 Games
1 year fa
139 visualizzazioni
2017 Regional Week 2 Recap – Update Show
1 year fa
155 visualizzazioni
Squat – Esercizio cosce e glutei – Come eseguire correttamente
2 years fa
140 visualizzazioni
Irvin Felix John – NO LIMITS | Street Workout
2 years fa
202 visualizzazioni
CrossFit Podcast Ep. 18.07: Patrick Vellner Part 2
9 months fa
92 visualizzazioni
Ripped Forearms Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!!)
1 year fa
181 visualizzazioni

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