Extreme Battling Rope exercises – For Arms, Shoulders, abs

Here is the list of various workouts by fitness models :- 1.Arm MMA Battle Rope Conditioning Workout WORKOUT INSTRUCTIONS Complete all 5 battle ropes exercises before moving onto the next round. Each round consists of a 30 second work set. After you’ve completed the entire round, rest 60 seconds and repeat for a total of 5 rounds. A1. Battle Ropes Whip — 5 rounds x 30 sec (each side) A2. Battle Ropes Hook — 5 rounds x 30 sec (each side) A3. Battle Ropes Side to Side Whip — 5 rounds x 30 sec (each side) A4. Battle Ropes Pivoting Knee Drop Circle Wave — 5 rounds x 30 sec (each side) A5. Battle Ropes Reverse Lunge Wave — 5 rounds x 30 sec (each side) 2.Super Shredder Battle Ropes Workout Workout Instructions Complete all 5 battle ropes exercises before moving onto the next



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