Episode 3: Life Lessons with Butch Chaffin

Special guest Butch Chaffin talks with Rich Froning, Elly Kabboord-Kearcher, and Jimmy Hensel. Butch is a long time baseball coach and was Rich’s high-school baseball coach. Coach Chaffin has had a national impact in the baseball community. Whether it’s because of his work with USA Baseball, his keen and witty insights on Twitter, or his successful run at Cookeville (TN) High School, Butch Chaffin has carved out a nice niche in the amateur baseball coaching community. . . Listen to the audio version on iTunes or Soundcloud: iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/froning-and-friends/id1304476231?mt=2 Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/user-618406267 For all the latest Froning & Friends episodes visit: https://



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