Emma McQuaid: Back on Track

Video by Ross Coughlan Emma McQuaid is an athlete at CrossFit Berserk in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. McQuaid and boyfriend David Wray met and bonded over a shared interest: quad racing. After Wray suffered a bad accident that left him in a wheelchair, McQuaid found she no longer enjoyed being on the racetrack. “I just hated it,” she says. “It was really hard. I hated him not being on the track, definitely missed that.” In search of a new competitive outlet, McQuaid discovered CrossFit. Today, she considers CrossFit her sport. “If I race the quad, it’s for me and for Dave,” she says, “but CrossFit’s just meant for me.” After some time had passed, McQuaid, who finished seventh at the 2017 Meridian Regional, decided to give racing another try. “I’



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