Crazy Extreme Workout

Crazy Workout Motivation with Junior Turbo (Team Inkredibles). Best of Junior Turbo. Music by The Artisans Beats – ——–↔ ★ Subscribe Junior Turbo ★↔———- My name is Junior im a gym trainer i love to WorkOut and to help people to get in shape im dominican i love to cook and dance im very romantic i like to smile chill and meet new people i did mutai and box for 3 years get to know me. live in new york queens im a model i like to keep everything real i dont play game working out is my stuff i got my team name inkredibles ✔ https:// ✔ https:// ——–↔ ★ Subscribe Team Inkredibles ★ ↔———- Team Inkredibles are a fitness team specializing in Advanced Calisthenic



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