Chris Dropped 12 Sizes & Got His Old Energy Back | The Spark Transformation Story

It took Chris Childers a while to notice the impact his sedate lifestyle and junk-food diet were having on the way he looked and felt. Now he’s back in shape and hiking again with his son. Free & Flat Rate Shipping | Look for the B-Elite Badge â-º Muscle-Building Supplements â-º Chris Childers was an active kid; he played football and basketball, and he was able to eat whatever he wanted. As he got older, however, his metabolism slowed, the sports stopped, and the barbecue potato chips caught up with him. His energy waned and he was out of breath more often. Chris was happy, though; he hadn’t noticed. His wake-up call came the day he realized he’d gone up 12 pant sizes—and they were tight. It dawned on him that the way he felt wasn’t OK,



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