Cheating in the Crossfit Open ft. Trevor Bachmeyer – Ep.91

In this episode of the Brute Strength Podcast I get a chance to interview Master’s Athlete, Trevor Bachmeyer. For those of you who haven’t heard of him, Trevor was recently disqualified from the CrossFit Games for cheating during the Open. In this episode we get a first hand account into what lead him to fake his video submission, how he did it, and the aftermath of his choices. Enjoy the show. Brute Hotline: (801) 449-0503 Want a chance to get featured in a future episode? Call in and leave us a voicemail with some questions regarding training, nutrition, mindset, etc. Topics of discussion: [3:50] Cheating the system: Trevor’s account on how it went down [9:18] The phone call [16:19] Making the video [24:00] Lessons learned [29:00] Clearing up some inconsistencies [33:10] Mov



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