CALISTHENICS Workout – STRONG Guy!! Osvaldo Lugones

Osvaldo Lugones (Professional Calisthenics & Street Workout Athlete) Pprofessional Experience: 10 YEARS!! Internationally recognized for his specialty in advanced static gymnastic holds, Osvaldo Lugones is an extraordinary calisthenics athlete. Having honed various skills such as the planche, iron-cross, and maltese, his perfectly executed, fluid transitions are truly a spectacle to behold. Osvaldo has rock-solid knowledge, skills, and expertise that you’ll find inside Thenx’s bold new calisthenics programs. ★ LIKE ★ COMMENT ★ SUBSCRIBE ★ SHARE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ★ Music by The Artisans Beats – 🔻 Osvaldo Lugones 🔻 Instagram: YouTube: www.y



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