Calisthenics Workout Motivation – Outdoor/Bodyweight

Various outdoor calisthenics training & workout motivation. Do the best you can with what you have. Name of Exercises in video&description. Great & fun variation to the gym/indoor training. More updates: Dips & some variations (single bar dips etc) Dragon flag & variation Various push ups & sets (crucifix, lalanne fingertip, superman, aztec etc) Human Flag (also in tree 🙂 Pull up variations (horizontal, muscle ups etc)) Ab & core variations (dragon flag, hanging crunches, front lever raises/pulls etc) One leg squat (Pistol squat) See also my recent uploads: Calisthenics Leg workout – 10-15 Variations for street/home/gym (HD) https:// Extreme Pull Up Workout: Weighted Calisthenics & Bodyweight Variations https://www



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