BRUTE Strength Podcast Ep.15 – The Church of Bobby Maximus

This week I made it back to Gym Jones with my old coach and mentor Rob Maximus McDonald. If you don’t already know, this is the guy that coached us (Hack’s Pack) to win back to back affiliate cup championships. He was a UFC fighter and is now the general manager of the Iron Cult Gym Jones in Salt Lake City. Rob trains professional athletes in many sports as well your average joe and jane. What is the one thing he elicits out of every single person that walks through his doors? Effort. He has built a culture of people that work extremely hard, and he has done that by leading by example. He can bench 315 for 10 sets of 10. He can get nearly 90 calories in a minute on an airdyne bike. Every seminar he teaches or group he coaches, people trust and buy into his coaching because they k



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