brUTE Strength Podcast Ep. 11 – The Hatch Method, The Strongest Legs in the Nation

Coach Hatch is arguably the most successful weightlifting coach in the nation. NFL Record Holders, NBA Superstars, Olympians in several different sports… He’s coached em all. I met him in 2012, after we had won the Crossfit Games for the first time. He immediately instilled in me the fact that you NEVER sacrifice technique for added weight. His gym is a factory for developing dynamic strength, power, and speed. He is an incredible story teller and even better coach. Enjoy the show. FREE 5 WEEK SQUAT PROGRAM- YOU WILL PR This program is what we use with top Crossfitters, NFL and MLB players, etc. to get their legs as strong as possible. It includes a detailed program with HD video explanations of all lifts and plyometrics. Click here to download:



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