brUTE Strength Podcast Ep. 10: Chris Hinshaw Explains why your endurance sucks and how to fix it

Since beginning to work with Jason Khalipa in 2013, Chris Hinshaw has quickly become regarded as the most successful endurance coach in the sport of Crossfit. In the 2014 Games he worked with over two dozen individual Games athletes. He works with athletes such as Rich Froning, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Mat Fraser, Lindsey Valenzuela, etc. All the best in other words. When we first met, we shared the common belief that Crossfit athletes are not training their endurance efficiently and in many cases are not reaching their potential, not even close. Traditional Crossfit workouts predominantly increase your VO2max, which after 1 year or so reaches it’s genetic potential. What gets undertrained then is the athlete’s lactate threshold, which basically means the highest intensity one can



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