Brute Strength Challenge 1: 30 DB Clean and Jerks

**it is 33% of body weight, video states 30% but was a mistake** How the challenges will work: 1. Wait your turn — Brute professional athletes complete the workout first, setting the time to beat 2. Watch & learn — The challenge, including the video of our athletes completing it, will be sent out and posted 3. Show yourself what you got — Your turn to get to work 4. Share it with us — Upload your video to YouTube and send the link to or post it to social media with #BruteChallenge 5. Brag freely — If you beat our score, we’ll send you a free Brute Strength t-shirt The workout is: 30 Dumbbell Clean and Jerks for time with 33% of your bodyweight in each hand. *athletes need to round up Athletes: Jake Hutton, Adrian Conway, Brennan “Steal yo’ Gir



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