Brute Challenge 2: For Time

Science has spoken. It’s been proven, study after study, that confidence has an effect on performance. Psyching yourself out to win, can actually help you win. So, even when you are feeling less than your best, fake it. Smile, strike a “strong” pose and listen to uplifting music. Tell yourself you are a confident beast — and eventually you will become one. Pretend you are Hackenbruck, Ence, Beyonce… whoever it is that you visualize as being able to succeed with flying colors. And then, start this month’s challenge — and approach it as if you’ve never lost a challenge before in your life. This weeks Workout: For time: Row 250m 15 Thrusters at 115/85# 25 Double Russian Kettle bell swing at 44/35lbs each hand 15 Thrusters at 115/85# Row 250m Athletes: Jake Hutton, Adri



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