Big Delt Routine | Flex Friday with Trainer Mike

Do you want to build some bigger delts? Try out this monster delt workout from Trainer Mike! Signature Supplements â-º Premium Fitness Plans â-º $250k Transformation Challenge â-º | Mike Hildebrandts Big Delts Routine | 1. Seated dumbbell press 4×10 Drop set 50% weight for 5th set 2. Leaning dumbbell lateral raise 4×10 Drop set 50% weight for 5th set 3. Cable reverse flys bent 4×10 Drop set 50% weight for 5th set 4. Behind the head press 3×20 5. Lying laterals with cables 3×20 6. Chest supported reverse fly 3×20 ========================================­===== | Signature Series | A signature is a promise. A symbol of your identity. Your mark on the world. In 1999,



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