Behind the Scenes: ’16 Games, Part 1–Trailer

Sevan Matossian gives us behind-the-scenes access to the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games. For the athletes who have dedicated their lives to training, the stacked competition leaves little margin for error. Watch as Matossian captures the most riveting, comical and saddening moments of the quest to find the Fittest on Earth. In Part 1, things get serious quickly. Watch as athletes check in for the 10th edition of the Games and prepare for several days of unknown tests. The thrill of arrival is offset by reality when the unsuspecting athletes learn they’ll be driven to LAX to board a plane. Speculation about the ultimate destination is rampant. When the athletes arrive at the legendary Ranch in Aromas, California, Director of the Games Dave Castro awaits with challenges reminiscent of the fi



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