BECOME AN ATHLETE (Limitless Approach to Fitness)

We talk about the highest ideal, how to get there and how all training styles get it wrong. If you want it, you can have it! Written article (MUST READ) ➞ —- #TIMESTAMPS 0:01 The highest possible ideal in fitness 1:10 What is an athlete? 2:12 The highest level of the body you can have 4:13 What VAHVA Fitness is about 4:40 Why training styles don’t work 5:38 Training styles are just tools 6:14 Make a major shift in your training: start focusing on the body 6:50 Never wanted to be a movement / calisthenics / bodybuilder guy 7:20 I use different methods because they work 7:50 Build a foundation 8:12 Have the confidence to reach the highest ideal 8:25 There are steps to reach the athlete status 8:56 We all have the potential naturally in us



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