ATHLETIC TRAINING | Introduction to Soft and Hard Styles of Training

Clips of recent athletic training. Also explaining the two major styles of training: hard and soft. Written article with more info ➞ —- #TIMESTAMPS 0:01 Athletic Training 2:32 My current goal is to increase performance 3:50 Athletic training is a hard style of training 4:05 The benefits of hard training 4:39 Always start with the soft style of training 5:00 Athlete ideal video: 5:10 Examples of soft styles 5:55 Hard style alone won’t work 6:20 Combine both styles for the best results 7:45 How to start 8:00 Movement 20XX has both —- Online Course to learn movement, build mobility and get fit 🔶 https:// Complete core & nutrition program ⭕️ 2 FREE Training Rout



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